Study in Italy

Why choose Italian Higher Education System?

 1. Excellence: studying in Italy provides the possibility of achieving a high-prestige degree in Italian universities and academies recognized throughout Europe as well as many by  international ranking society reports (Shanghai Jiao Tong , QS, Times Higher Education). 

2. Professionalism: Italian universities and academies provide very high competences and they also support and counsel students during the course of their studies. 

3. Labour market opportunities: Italy is in the vanguard in several fields of higher education many of which correspond to the most developed professional sectors of the labour market. 

4. Flexibility: higher education programs are based on a credits system (ETCS, European Credit Transfer System) by which students can make their plan of studies according to their needs. 

5. Scholarships and Fellowships:  several universities and academies offer scholarships or fellowships, with services for lodging and catering, set up by the Agency for the Right to Education which is organized at a regional level. 

6. Quality of life: Italy is home of the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it has a rich collection of arts, culture and literature from many different periods as well as a long  tradition in numerous sports, both at the individual and team level. You can enjoy a high and unique quality of life and a welcoming atmosphere. 

Source: Uni Italia

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